Aloo Kay Dahi Baray



  • Yogurt 1 kg
  • Fresh Milk 1 cup
  • Corn flour 1 tbsp
  • Sugar 1 tbsp
  • Salt to taste
  • For Dahi Baray:
  • Egg Whites 2
  • Boiled Potatoes ½ kg
  • Red chili flakes 1 tsp
  • Roasted and crushed cumin 1 tbsp
  • Crushed black pepper 1 tsp
  • Rice flour 3 tbsp
  • Salt to taste
  • For Tamarind Chutney:
  • Black salt a pinch
  • Tamarind Paste 1 cup
  • Sonth a pinch
  • Red chili powder 1 tbsp
  • Roasted and crushed cumin 1 tbsp
  • Salt to taste


Step 1

Boil potatoes, peel them and mash them. Add in 3 tbsp rice flour, 1 tbsp roasted cumin powder, crushed black ppper, 1 tsp red chili flakes, salt. Mix well. Grease your hand, make kabab and dip them in egg. Shallow fry them.

Step 2

Take 1 kg yogurt, add in 1 cup fresh milk, 1 tbsp corn flour, 1 tbsp sugar and some salt. Beat them.

Step 3

To make Tamarind Chutney, take 1 cup Tamarind paste, 1 tbsp sonth, 1 tbsp roasted cumin powder and red chili. Cook it. Add in a pinch of black salt. Take a big dish and add in some yogurt then add in tamarind sauce then potato cutlets. Garnish them with chat masala and mint leaves.

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