Daily Food and Nuts for Fair and Beamy Skin

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Walnuts are loaded with fatty acids and minerals. They have a power of making your skin smooth and soft. They can even make your complexion clear. A handful of walnuts couple of times a week will get you visible results.

The zinc and lactic acid present in yogurt is responsible for promoting healthy skin. Yogurt can prevent future wrinkles, gives you a natural glow and makes your skin more healthy and fresh. You can use it in different recipes or just eat it as its is because its super tasty.

Dark chocolate:
Cocoa not only uplift your mood but also give you radiant skin without adding calories to your body. It contains hydrating nutrients and antioxidants which make your skin brighter and clear.

Kale is loaded with vitamin C and iron. It helps in preventing skin damage and irritation, calm redness and inflammation and loaded with antixoidants which makes your skin fresh and healthy.

All berries, especially blueberries are rich in vitamins and antioxidants that combat free radiclas which make your skin glow and also prevent future breakouts.

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  1. posted by girl76 on March 8, 2016

    is kale easily available in pakistan?


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