Aaloo Gosht Salan



  • Mutton ½ kg
  • Green Chilies (finely chopped) 3
  • Onions (finely chopped) 3
  • Potatoes 4
  • Black Cardamoms (ground) 4
  • Black Pepper 10
  • Oil 1 cup
  • Yogurt ½ cup
  • Turmeric 1 tsp
  • Red Chili Powder 1 tbsp
  • Ginger Garlic Paste 1 tbsp
  • Coriander Leaves (finely chopped) 4 tbsp
  • Salt as required


Step 1

First of all wash and peel potatoes and cut them into 2 or 4 pieces. Keep them aside.

Step 2

Now in a pan put oil and onions, slightly fry them then add mutton with turmeric, red chili powder, salt, ginger garlic paste, black cardamoms, black pepper and 2 cups warm water. Cook it on low flame till the meat is tender.

Step 3

When the meat is done add yogurt and potatoes. Fry it well.

Step 4

Add 3 cups of warm water and let it simmer till the potatoes get soft and oil comes on the top.

Step 5

THen sprinkle coriander leaves and green chillies. Give dum for 5 minutes. Serve hot with chapati or rice.

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